My name is Emily.
I like moral ambiguity and sarcasm.
This blog is mostly about comic books.
I love Jaime Lannister and Clint Barton the most.

(cis she/her pronouns)

sometimes this blog is about a stupidly attractive boy from a British boy band.

please tag anything involving being buried alive thank you

i hate rick’s dad soooooo muchhhhhh

for some reason i love that they buried kieren in a hoodie

luckily that flashback actually had a lot of set up so i kne wit was coming

kieren has flashbacks about him waking up during the ‘rising’ and gets panic/anxiety attacks about it. i think this was in ep 2 of the 1st season?

okay i’m about to stat episode two so i will look out for that

quick question about in the flesh

is there ever an episode where you see the people in their graves or anything related to being buried alive?

i’m starting In The Flesh, this show is going to fuck me up isn’t it?

i would have been the same

oh god yes me too

she was like “he’s…. gentle” when you know she looks like she’s about to have an orgasm.

she was trying real hard to keep a straight face but it was just not working out


I thought it was important to make sure y’all had access to the actual video of Chris Pratt braiding hair because it’s pretty important. You’re welcome.